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Philippa Hanna

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"I was desperate for my dad to find faith"


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Philippa Hanna

Philippa grew up around award-winning and internationally acclaimed musicians. Brother Stuart Zender was a founding member of Platinum selling Acid-Jazz/Pop act Jamiroquai, whilst first cousins Danny & Richard Macnamara enjoyed huge success as half of UK rock band Embrace. Country music was a huge influence on Philippa thanks to Irish entertainer father Pat Hanna, and Country star cousin Sandy Kelly, whose recording credits include the late Johnny Cash.

At concerts, Philippa openly shares her teenage battle with anxiety and depression which eventually forced her out of full-time education. ‘That was the darkest time imaginable.’ Says Philippa, ‘I thought I’d never live a normal life.’ Thanks to a cathartic spiritual encounter at a Godfrey Birtill concert in 2004, Philippa found what she describes as her ‘life-changing faith’ and set about sharing her journey in both literary and music form. Philippa is now an internationally published author with over 1500 live shows, two books and five studio albums to her credit.

Here a wonderful story of how her conversion led to her Dad coming to know the power of prayer for himself in EPISODE 1.

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