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Nancy Goudie

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"Prayer is exciting.
God can do incredible things!"


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Nancy Goudie

Nancy Goudie heads up the creative and innovative charity ngm. She was born in Ayr, Scotland where at the age of six she had a very powerful and dramatic experience of God. She grew up in a musical family and in her teens was part of a well-established band called Unity which was founded by her husband, Ray and his brother, Derek. As well as singing with the band she also put her qualifications in speech (ALCM) to good use by being one of the narrators in the musicals that Unity produced. 


In 1980, Ray and Nancy moved to England after a clear call to full time Christian work. They founded and led the internationally known band, Heartbeat. As one of the singers and main speakers, Nancy travelled extensively throughout Britain and abroad seeing peoples’ lives transformed by the message they carried. 

Nancy has written fifteen books and also writes and produces her own yearly magazine called Spiritual Health. She has also recorded five meditation CD’s and  is regularly on radio and has programmes on television.


Nancy has also pioneered unique and creative conferences called Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends, which are extremely popular and are often sold out weeks before the event. Hundreds of women from the UK and beyond attend these conferences each year and testify to this being an incredible life-changing event for them. 


Nancy has the privilege of speaking at churches and events all over the world. She is perfectly at home in speaking at small gatherings or in large events.


Nancy was married to Ray for 43 years up to his death in 2016. They have two sons, Daniel and Aidan. 

Hear her story in EPISODE 4 on Pray That Prayer.

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