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John Fleming

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"The mountain tops are inspirational...
But the valleys are maturing"


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John Fleming

Broadcaster and worship leader, John Fleming was a chorister at school. In his early twenties, he gave my life to Jesus and started singing in church. Although he was a Christian, he actually spent little time getting to know Jesus. He got on with work, family, and life, and his 'faith' was left in church on a Sunday. 


Many years later he began to hear God knocking louder. He’d made a fair old mess of things on his own. He opened the door once again and asked Jesus back into his life. God used pretty much all of his mess and began to create something beautiful giving words and music to illustrate the journey that he had been on and hope for what is yet to come.  

Hear John’s story in EPISODE 2 of how his wife received healing, but not in exactly the way they’d expected.

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